We offer an ideal development path for the creation and marketing of your new sport equipments and wareable protections.

“From design to planning until final product development,
we support all phases by giving shape to every desire.”

Design, Re-design and Co-design

The personal trait always makes the difference.

We develop style sketches with a method that involves the visualization of the product through realistic 3D renderings.

We take care of the design and re-design phase with a mixed method, complete with manual technique and digital technologies.

We develop co-design projects because we like to work in a team.

Product analysis and user experience

Emotional sport products, technically perfect and innovative.

Wareable accessories and sport protections must also be defined starting from an accurate analysis of the development process, but first of all it is important to remember what emotion the product will have to convey during its use.

Our attention to the user experience is the basis of the design and creation of each emotional product.

Product technologies

Different technologies for a single emotional custom product.

Creating an emotional custom product means crossing many technologies from many different sectors. We move from thermoplastic molds to thermoforming molds, to carbon molds to produce high performance parts or CNC processing.

Our knowledge of the automotive, racing, motorsport, winter sports, medical and aeronautical fields allows us to implement the design of sports equipment with cutting-edge software.

Pre-developement and engineering

This is where the product quickly becomes real.

In the ODD laboratories we face a pre-development phase which also includes 3D prototyping with additive technologies.

We use 3D printers able to produce any geometry, in small and large format, even on co-printed parts with rigid and soft parts, to best simulate the finished product.


We create functional prototypes and do homologation tests.

We carry out tests and trials on sport equipment prototypes already in the pre-development phase.

We build and design static, mechanical and electromechanical control equipment, specific for the first tests and any subsequent controls in production.

We are supported by the best homologation testing laboratories, with which we carry out preliminary tests of any type in a simulated environment, including the wind tunnel.

Patent consulting

Defending an innovative idea is never wrong.

The deep knowledge of sport environments and experience in the design of equipment for winter sports, motorsport and extreme sports allows us to support the customer in the process of filing ornamental models or patents.

The drafting of the texts and drawings necessary for the filing of patents are part of our skills, enriched by constant monitoring of the reference sector that allows us to anticipate competitors.

Zero series

No surprises in the production phase.

Through the Zero Series process we obtain functional and qualitatively perfect sport tools and equipments, ready to be presented to the public.

At the customer’s request, we put the first assemblies on line to check the validity of the products, a useful step when dealing with the type-approval and fine-tuning phases to find solutions to all the small problems that may arise during the final tests.

Small series

A reliable partner for small productions.

Our structure allows us to create small series of products for sport and fitness, with reduced and sustainable quantities, enhancing quality and Made in Italy.

Our service is dedicated to companies that choose to rely on a partner as the only interlocutor to obtain a rapid and localized production.

Special Service

An ODD customization is the result of a great experience in professional sport.

We support professional athletes in customizing their protective sport equipments.

Thanks to digital optical scanning performed directly on the person, reverse engineering and the use of 3D printing, we can create tailor made protections, completely customized in the padding and morphology.

Present us your idea and we will support you with the right solution to make it happen.